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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is mandated in the state of Pennsylvania.

The 21st Century CURES Act (section 12006) requires providers of Medicaid-funded personal care and home health care services to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). All providers were required to begin using EVV effective 01/01/2020.

If you need help with getting started on the HHAeXchange EVV App or IVR Phone System, please contact the office at 215-745-5555 and someone will help you.

How do I download the HHAeXchange Caregiver Mobile App?

Visit the HHAeXchange page on the Apple App Store or Google Play to install the app. If searching in the App Store or Google Play, be sure to select the HHAeXchange app without the + sign.

What do you do after downloading the HHAeXhange App?

After downloading the app create your account on the app, and follow the steps below to find your Mobile ID.

  • When you first launch the HHA Exchange app, please click ‘Close’ on the dialog box since AWC does not operate in Texas or Illinois.
  • From the main screen, tap the three-dot menu on the top right.
  • Your Mobile ID is listed at the top of the menu, just below your name.
  • Once you found your Mobile ID call your Care Coordinator and provide them with your Mobile ID so they can link it to your profile.
How do I change the language in the HHAeXchange App?

If you need to change your language, follow the steps below.

  • From the Main Screen, tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner.

  • Select Change Language from the list of options.
  • Scroll to select your preferred language from the list of available options, and then tap Apply (bottom of the screen) to save your preferred language.
  • After you select your preferred language, all menu items appear in that language. To see maps displayed in your preferred language, you must restart the app.

If you would like to print out instructions, please see the following guides:

 How do I use the IVR System to Place Phone EVV Calls?

When Clocking In or Out by phone, the Caregiver must dial the Provider’s Time and Attendance phone number. When the call is placed, the system reviews the number the call is originating from and matches it with an accepted client phone number.

Phone EVV Time and Attendance Phone numbers.  You must use the correct Provider number to clock in and out.  Please see the list below:

Aging With Comfort –

Albanian- 855-234-9085

Arabic- 855-234-9320

Creole- 855-210-7486

English- 855-234-9070

Farsi- 855-234-9288

Hindi- 833-609-2643

Russian- 833-609-2564

Spanish- 855-234-9078

Forever Young –

English- 866-285-5031

Hindi- 833-609-2885

Russian- 833-609-2873

Spanish- 833-609-2915

Grayhawk Homecare –

English- 855-506-8472

Spanish- 855-341-5887


Calling Instructions

Clock In:

  • To place EVV, dial the number provided on the front of this pamphlet from the Member’s home phone. Note: If you are unable to use the Member’s home phone, contact your manager to see if there are other approved EVV phone numbers on record for the Member.
  • Press 1 to Clock In when prompted.
  • Enter the Assignment ID (provided by your Agency).
  • Confirm the entry. Note: If you enter your Assignment ID incorrectly, the system prompts you to reenter your credentials. If you fail to enter your Assignment ID after several attempts, the system stops you from placing an EVV and you must contact your manager.
  • If the EVV is placed successfully, then the following automated message is heard: “Your call has been successfully registered.”

Clock Out:

  • To place EVV, dial the number provided on the front of this pamphlet from the Member’s home phone.
  • Press 2 to Clock Out when prompted.
  • Enter your Assignment ID.
  • Confirm the entry. Note: Refer to the Clock In instructions if you are having trouble placing an EVV or entering the Assignment ID.
  • If the EVV is successfully placed, then the following automated message is heard: “Enter the 2-digit ID number for the first duty performed on the patient.” Note: A Duty ID may be either 2 or 3 digits, depending on the Agency.
  • Enter each Duty ID.
    • If an invalid Duty ID is entered, then you are alerted and asked to enter the next Duty ID.
    • If a valid Duty ID is entered, then you are asked to enter the next Duty ID.
    • If the Member refused a Duty, then enter star (*) followed by the Duty ID to log a Refused Duty.
  • When all Duties have been entered, dial 00 (or 000) to complete the EVV. Upon completion, the following is heard: “Your Call-Out has been registered successfully. Goodbye.”


Special Scenarios:

Mutual Cases: For a successful EVV, complete the following steps when providing service for two Members at once:

  • Follow the call instructions outlined in the Clock In/Out sections.
  • Clock In and Out only ONCE for the Visit.
  • When Clocking Out, enter the Primary Member’s Duties first, and then dial 00 (or 000).
  • Repeat step 3 for the Secondary Member.
  • Dial 00 (or 000) a second time for the system to complete the EVV and Clock out. Note: Please contact your Manager if you are unsure of who the Primary Member is. Entering the wrong Member first results in a bad EVV

For a complete Phone EVV Duty List click below:

Phone (IVR) EVV Duty List.pdf

For a complete list of Phone EVV Time and Attendance Phone numbers click below:

Phone EVV Time and Attendance Phone numbers.pdf

If you would like to print out instructions, please see the following guides:

If for any reason an adjustment to your EVV is needed an EVV Manual Edit Form must be completed.  EVV adjustments include adjustments to your start or end time, adding tasks, or forgetting to clock in or out of your shift.  EVV Manual Edit forms will not be accepted as a replacement for using EVV, and only as a correction to your EVV submissions.

EVV Correction Form Link