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Caregiver Duties in Philadelphia, PA

Caring for your aging loved one in their later years can be a challenge, and having the help you need can significantly improve their quality of life. Aging with Comfort provides quality caregiver duties and services in the Philadelphia, PA, area that are designed to assist your family members with everything they need to be comfortable and healthy in their own home. Our private caregivers promote care and compassion in everything they do, providing support for daily life activities and assistance with medical care to ensure that your loved one is happy and living life to the fullest.

Finding ways to maintain a set routine helps your elderly family members remain in rhythm and keep their lives as uninterrupted as possible. Among the caregiver duties provided by our private Philly-based caregivers include:

  • Arranging Appointments for the Elderly
  • Clothing Help for Seniors
  • Emotional Support for Senior Citizens
  • Grocery Shopping and In-House Meal Prep for Seniors
  • Hygiene Assistance
  • Laundry Help for Seniors
  • Non-Medical Home Care
  • Light Housekeeping for Seniors
  • Helping Plan Social Outings for Senior Citizens
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Running Errands for the Elderly
  • Medical Escorts
  • And More!

Day Support Services

At Aging with Comfort, we offer personalized day support services when it comes to in-home caregiver duties in Philadelphia, PA. We work with families to develop a custom elderly care strategy that ensures your loved one can maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. Our highly-trained professional caregivers deliver around-the-clock services with compassion and companionship, providing the most optimal care to our patients.

With having a balanced and nutritious diet becoming a crucial component of elderly care, ensuring that the client receives the food they need can prove challenging. Part of our caregiver duties in Philadelphia, PA, include senior care meal planning for our clients. Through careful meal planning, we can ensure that your seniors hit all of their nutritional goals to keep their diet at the best it can.

Not only do our private caregivers provide meal planning services for their senior care clients, but they can help get the ingredients too. They provide grocery shopping and in-house meal prep for their seniors who may no longer be able to perform these tasks without assistance. We aim to make the daily activities of life as smooth and seamless as possible.

There are some aspects of our daily lives that, as we get older, we may have taken for granted. With things like running errands, light housekeeping, and organizing social outings becoming more of an issue for senior citizens, having reliable help to keep their homes running smoothly is greatly appreciated. Our expertly trained caregivers can provide the non-medical home care they need to maintain their home and a sense of independence.

Non-Medical Home Care

While seniors may need reliable medical transportation escorts to make their necessary appointments, these aren’t the only daily activities they may need help with. Our trained caregivers can help provide services like hygiene assistance, as well as clothing, laundry, and help with other household chores for senior citizens to help improve their daily lives.

Our staff takes their caregiver duties in Philadelphia, PA, seriously. They aim to provide an array of day support services and non-medical home care for their charges. Additionally, we also offer other services to our patients and their families, including home health aide services!

If you are seeking robust care for your loved one in the greater Philly area, look no further than the team at Aging with Comfort. We offer peace of mind to our clients when it comes to living comfortably in their homes. To learn more about our services and caregiver duties in Philadelphia, PA, give us a call today.