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Aging With Comfort Home Care Vs. Assisted Living

If you have an aging loved one in your family, you are likely wondering whether home care or assisted living is the better option. Assisted living certainly has its merits yet it is expensive and removes the patient from his or her regular living space. Let’s take a closer look at the merits of Philadelphia home care.

Do not Assume a Nursing Home is Inevitable

Too many people simply assume the elderly loved one in their family should go to a nursing home when self-care is no longer possible or easy. However, as time progresses, that many more people are considering the merits of Philadelphia home care. Nursing homes were once thought of as the top option for aging seniors yet the rise of home care is providing a much-appreciated option.

A large part of the appeal of home care in Philadelphia compared to assisted living is the care provider ensures your loved one is comfortable, safe, clean, and as happy as possible. The caregiver’s primary focus is on your parent, ensuring he or she is provided with truly individualized attention. Alternatively, patients in nursing homes have to wait for caregivers to get to them as there are plenty of patients and not enough personnel.

The Freedom of Staying at Home

The gratification the senior in your life receives from remaining in his or her home as opposed to a nursing home is invaluable. Though your loved one will be dependent on others for assistance with home care, he or she will still be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with being somewhat autonomous in one’s own living space rather than being forced to live in a nursing home where there is comparably less privacy and more restrictions.  Studies have shown those who remain at their own home tend to live that much longer than those who segues to nursing homes.

Healing is Easier at Home

If your aging loved one has suffered an injury or is attempting to rebound from an injury, the healing process will prove that much more quicker and effective if he or she is at home rather than in a nursing home. Furthermore, recovering at home also reduces the potential need for hospital services once again down the line, proving mutually beneficial for all parties. Healing is that much easier due to the familiarity of home and also the fact that home health aides customize services to the nuanced needs of senior patients. This is your parent or grandparent’s opportunity to receive tailored service for a specific ailment or other challenges in mind.

Consider the Cost

Oftentimes, what matters most is the cost of care. Nursing homes are not exactly cheap. Though Philadelphia home care is not always low-cost, it will not prove as expensive as ongoing care in a nursing home. Even if you or your loved one need a full eight hours of assistance per day with Philadelphia home care, you will probably end up spending less than would be necessary for nursing home care. The bottom line is nursing homes’ live-in facilities and specialized equipment for elderly care result in high costs that you might not be able to afford.

Contact Aging With Comfort

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