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Intellectual Disability Services

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Quality Care and Intellectual Disability Services Offered in Philadelphia, PA

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities often present unique challenges when it comes to their care. In Philadelphia, PA, you can now access a range of services designed specifically for caring for those with behavioral health concerns. Aging with Comfort provides robust developmental disability services that are customized to the specific needs of the patient. Our primary goal is offering care and support to ensure that your family member is able to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life regardless of their age and requirements.

What is Involved in Developmental Disability Services?

Developmental disability services take many forms. At Aging with Comfort, we offer our Philadelphia, PA clients comprehensive support that maintains health and independence. Our caring and compassionate service offers comfort and companionship to people from all walks of life, and our attention to detail ensures safety and security for all aspects of the daily routine. Our services offer enrichment, both within and outside of the home, promoting happiness for your loved one that improves their quality of life. Our professional caregivers are trained to deliver care for people with a range of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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If you have a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability in Philadelphia, PA, then you can count on Aging with Comfort for quality care. To learn more about our services, call our team today at (267) 461-1506.